The Place that will help you understand, that the pain does not appear because of one ‘’bad day’’ posture and the injury does not manifests as of one ‘’bad day’’ training. The Place where the reason behind the discomfort is explained and understood. Every person tells a different story. Therefore every person deserves a unique approach and adapted treatment.

About me

About Me

DaraPhotoI am a qualified sports therapist, holistic massage therapist and reflexologist, trained deep tissue and massage in pregnancy therapist and am currently training (part time) to be an osteopath.
I am passionate about helping people to stay healthy both physically and mentally. As a sports therapist I have a wide range of techniques which I can use to help people overcome sports and everyday injuries and my holistic training allows me to set this treatment within the wider context of an individual’s general wellbeing. For example, someone with a specific injury which they ask me to treat may also display signs of being quite stressed so including some more general massage, say across the neck and shoulders, may help them relax and also improve their mood. Your initial consultation is therefore designed so that I can understand not only as much as possible about your specific reason for visiting me but also about your general health and medical history. I can then tailor each treatment session specifically for you. As your injury improves or your condition changes so each subsequent treatment session will be adjusted, reflecting also your sensitivity to touch and pressure on that day.
Each session will usually close with advice about exercises / stretches etc you can do at home to help your condition, or advice about how to prevent further injury and suggestions about further treatment.

Sports Therapist (ITEC) trained at Quantum Metta
Reflexologist (ITEC) trained at Richdales Institute
Holistic Massage Therapist (ITEC) trained at Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine

Complementary Therapies Association
Member of Complementary Therapies Association
Holistic Insurance Services
Fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services


Every person tells a different story. Every person is unique, and every person deserves unique approach and adapted treatment. As a holistic trained therapist my aim is to provide that. Your session will include a consultation or assessment, combination of techniques to address your symptoms, advice on exercises / stretches etc you can do at home and, if required, advice on future treatment.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy and massage is not confined to people with sports injuries. It is just as relevant for injuries and other conditions not connected with sport. Your treatment may include soft tissue manipulation, working on the fascia (connective tissue), stretches and improving the range of movement in your joints. Whatever the combination, the aim is to reduce the level of pain, promote recovery and help prevent further injury by improving circulation, releasing tension in the muscles and soft tissue and, where appropriate, increase the range of movement.
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Taping is an additional technique to support muscle maintenance and recovery, and to decrease muscle inflammation. Muscles became inflamed at one or more points either because of overuse or injury, and the tape supports the muscle thereby speeding recovery, easing pain and increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid (as the tape stretches and releases). The tape is applied over the length of the muscle from the origin to the insertion. The best way is to apply the tape after any muscle maintenance treatment and a period of 30 minutes rest. Application only takes between 2-5 minutes
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Deep Tissue Therapy

Muscles and soft tissue can be tensed, stressed/over stretched and suffer from poor circulation. Deep tissue therapy uses a wide range of techniques to release tension, ease over stretched muscles and promote improved circulation wherever the problem is in the body. Applying a combination of these techniques allows a therapist to work through the different layers of soft tissue dealing with each one appropriately.
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Massage in Pregnancy

Most people carry some tension and stress at times. When pregnant the amount of tension and stress usually increases due to hormonal and physical changes in the body and the changes in a mum-to-be’s emotions. Massage in pregnancy has been advised as method of helping the mothers to be, by relaxing muscles and releasing tension, helping to improve posture, helping to connect with the baby and generally promoting a feeling of calm and wellbeing which is good for the baby as well.
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There are up to 200.000 nerve ends in the feet and this makes them very sensitive to pain and tension, particularly as they also carry the full weight of the body. In many cases work on the feet is very relaxing and pleasant and it helps the person easily to ‘’switch off’’. Helping and creating the sensation of increase energy level and vitality when the treatment is finished.
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Postural Assessment

How good is your posture and how well do you move? Are there points that could be improved? A postural and or gait assessment lasting 15 to 45 minutes could help to correct your posture and help you become more aware of how your body is positioned and how small changes in the way you move could help to stop any possible pain. It can be done as separate treatment, or it can be included as part of the treatment. Practitioner would be able to answer your questions. Just ask!
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Appointment Cancellation and Refund Policy

Appointment means the time that we offer you, the time best suited for you, and the time that cannot be used for another person to be treated. Appointments can be cancelled without incurring the appointment fee, as long as you provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice prior to your appointment. You will be offered the option to reschedule or cancel your appointment with no further cost. Appointments purchased as part of a package must ideally be used within one month of purchase. Any package appointments not scheduled or attended within two months of the date of purchase will no longer be valid, and refunds will not apply. Appointment Packages are designed to be used within 1 month from the date of purchase for optimal results. Rescheduling: We require that you give 48 hours’ notice (by phone or by email) in the event that you need to reschedule your appointment, as this would give an opportunity for the time slot available to be filled in. Missed Appointments: If you fail to arrive for your appointment, and do not contact us by phone or by email to arrange to reschedule your appointment as per the rescheduling policy above, this will be considered a missed appointment and the full appointment fee will be charged. Late Arrival: If you arrive late by 15 minutes or more, without prior notice, this is still considered a missed appointment and the full appointment fee will be charged. If there is anything that needs clarifying, or you require additional explanation, please send us an email and we will be glad to answer and clarify the questions regarding the Policy. Thank you for your understanding. I have read and understand the Appointment
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